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At Uhane Pohaku Na Moku O Hawaii, we strive to impart the rich tapestry of native Hawaiian traditions to youths and their families in our community. Our focus extends beyond cultural restoration; we actively contribute to job creation and economic development through traditional Hawaiian skills.

Your support can make a lasting impact. By donating to Uhane Pohaku Na Moku O Hawaiʻi, you contribute to the development of heritage-based life skills that empower individuals towards economic success and independence. Your generosity fosters a sense of family and community, echoing the spirit of a "place of Refuge."

As we showcase our work and share information about our programs, your contribution helps us engage with our diverse audience included but not limited to, Native Hawaiians and their families, community members seeking educational and healing opportunities, individuals passionate about traditional Hawaiian skills, and supporters who value the preservation of our native Hawaiian culture.

Join us in preserving and celebrating the vibrant heritage of Hawaiʻi. Your donation is an investment in cultural preservation, economic empowerment, and community building. Mahalo for being a vital part of our mission.

With heartfelt gratitude,

ʻUhane Pōhaku Nā Moku O Hawaiʻi 




To contribute you can make a donation simply by click on this button or by scanning the QR Code below. Thank you for your Donation.

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